The basic method of precision metal parts processing

The processing of precision metal is the process of changing the shape, size or performance of metal castings through mechanical equipment. There are various types of metal mechanical parts, but regardless of the complexity of the mechanical parts and the size of the processing machine tools, in the industry Inside, metal processing is also the following five basic methods:
1. Drilling
Drill holes in solid metal. During the process, the casting is fixed and all movements are completed by the drill.
2. Turning and boring
Turning refers to the process of removing metal from a casting. In the process, while the casting is rotating, the tool cuts into the casting or operates along the edge of the casting.
Boring is to enlarge the existing holes or cast holes in the metal casting, which is completed by the single-edged tool while rotating while feeding.
Three, milling
A rotary cutter is used to remove metal, and the working cutter has multiple cutting edges.
Fourth, grinding
Use a grinding wheel to remove metal. After processing, the size of the casting has reached a relatively accurate level, and the surface is smooth. And the method of grinding different shapes of castings is different.
Five, planing and slotting
Planing is divided into bullhead planing and gantry planing. Both are reciprocating movement between the tool and the casting. Slotting is similar to planing, except that its cutter moves up and down.
Although the processing of metal machinery requires extreme precision, it is still composed of various basic operations. Therefore, basic operations are very important for metal mechanical parts processing.

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Post time: Dec-11-2020
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